Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ruby AND Rails Resources - series_1.0

Lately, I've been purposely searching for Ruby and Rails related materials.  I just couldn't get enough I guess.  I'd start a book, jump off to another book, watch a screencast, a youtube video, listen to a podcast and the list goes on.  Thought I'd share them through this blog and I'll update it by posting another series along the way.

Learn Ruby by Satish Talim
Without any doubt, this Ruby tutorial has been a kickstart tutorial for me when I was starting with Ruby. This was written in a way like the author is telling a story.  I remember the good old Java tutorial days where you have to find your trail to learn how to program Hello World!

Railscasts by Ryan Bates
I started listening to Ryan I think around 2008.  Now he's gone up to 400+ awesome railscasts and every one of them adds something to my Ruby and Rails arsenal.  I recently downloaded all his railscasts through a download script for offline viewing including the Pros.  Boring long flights are now gone, thanks to Ryan!

Destroy All Software Screencasts by Gary Bernhardt
Came across Gary Bernhardt's screencast through Confreaks.  He's a very fast typist that's for sure.  I've listened to two screencasts I think and both of them as excellent as Railscasts.  It also has wider reach since he tackles not only rails, but also vim, ruby, unix, etc.

POODR: Agile Primer by Sandi Metz
I just started reading the book and find it really interesting.  I like the way Sandi delivers the content of the book using a more practical approach rather than academic.  On top of this book, I came across a book summary video presentation by Chris McGrath from RubyIreland.

The RSpec Book - BDD with RSpec, Cucumber and Friends by David Chelimsky
I've always been a fan of unit testing.  Even in the golden age of Java, I've always written my JUnit test cases with pride and joy.  When I came across this book, I was dumbfounded.  I've been doing it all wrong!  Or maybe I guess I haven't realized how easy it is to write unit test until I wrote them using RSpec and Ruby.

The Passionate Programmer by Chad Fowler 
Just like Pragmatic Programmer book, this book is just inspiring.  Books such as this are like self help books for the disheartened programmers.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Back on track!

And I'm back! Back on Ruby and Rails track! Fascinating how something, something that you enjoy most, keeps pulling you back.  Oh well, I guess its gonna be one hell of a ride.  New city, new people, new life!